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Retreats and Workshops

Retreats and Workshops

The Equine Therapy approach is a unique journey that opens up awareness, understanding and lasting change. Horses can be powerful teachers who give us gentle, detailed insights into our life through their willing interaction. Start excelling with Equine-assisted therapy by shifting old perceptions and gaining new insights. Come enjoy a weekend focused on you! Meet other women and have the time of your life rediscovering all your potential! A truly unique, weekend ranch retreat offers a personal growth experience. Learn about yourself in an outdoor classroom with beautiful horses! These gentle mentors are masters at helping you gain valuable insights. All interactions are on the ground, no riding, and no experience needed. Evenings are spent around the campfire sharing insights, laughter, and s'mores Learn about yourself by challenging yourself in a supportive and caring environment. You deserve this opportunity to unbridle your potential!
*Early Bird Special Pricing available !! $399 if paid in full 14 days prior to event. Sign up now and enjoy a $51 savings!! (regular $450)

This isn’t a riding retreat, and you don’t need any experience with horses. Even if you’ve never been close to a horse before, you will be profoundly touched by our four-legged therapists!

  • Retreats at Cowgirl Up Ranch are fun and full of inspiration.
  • We combine lessons learned working with the horses with the practicality of living in the real world.
  • Exciting challenges to stretch your wings. Communicate with clarity. Set boundaries. Develop leadership skills.
  • Our retreats are an adventure for your mind, body and spirit.


A retreat at Cowgirl Up Ranch is fun and full of inspiration.
  • Designed  primarily to enhance your self awareness .
  • We combine the lessons learned working with the horses with the practicality of living in the real world.

Horses are amazing, sensitive animals, and aware of the slightest nuances.  
  • During your experience here, horses will assist you in presenting your authentic self to the world around you.
  • You will learn how your personal energy affects those around you and learn how to channel your energy positively.
  • This retreat is an adventure for your mind, body, and spirit.


Special Early Bird price of only *$399

Includes lodging and meals.        (Call Us For Additional Details!)
As a non profit organization, we are committed to your success.  If finances are holding you back, we are here to help.  Options range from EZ Pay plans to scholarships.  Your investment in your self is worth it.
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