If sitting on a couch in an office isn’t for you, then equine assisted counseling may be your answer. All work with the horses is done from the ground (no riding) and no experience is necessary.

Individual Counseling

Working with horses is a powerful experience.The horses are like mirrors to your soul.  They always behave exactly as they feel and they provide immediate feedback.  All work is done from the ground and you do not ride the horses.  No experience with horses is needed at all.  They will act as your four-legged therapists helping you find clarity and insight.  Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other personal problems, the horses, along with Dr. Wendy Smith and equine specialist Marybeth Wiefels, will support you in your journey to well-being.

Relationship Counseling

Sometimes relationships need a little help. Often one or both members of the relationship don’t feel comfortable in an office setting. Time spent out on the ranch with the horses offers a unique shared experience. Working together with the horses, communication skills are improved. Destructive patterns become recognizable as the horses reflect the relationship. New ways of relating can be explored as you  work on both individual and relational insights. GLBT couples are welcome

Family and Group Counseling

It is been said it can take weeks even months to understand a family’s dynamics in an office setting. Yet one afternoon working with the horses can shine a light on dysfunctional family practices. Frequently, one person is the spokesperson seeking help for the family unit.  Bringing the family to the ranch to participate in experiences with these amazing horses may increase the willingness of other members to participate. When working with horses in a group,  the horses provide a platform that allows everyone a voice.

All members of our counseling team are EAGALA certified.  EAGALA is the foremost leader in equine assisted psychotherapy, growth and learning. EAGALA certification requires the highest standards, adherence to a strong code of ethics, and continued education and training.