Open Ranch March 17

All Welcome!

Come join us at Cowgirl Up Ranch for Saint Patrick’s Day! From 1-5pm we will have tours and activities. Mingle with our sweet menagerie and meet or visit your favorite horses.  Kid friendly day includes horseback rides! Sign up for 2018 events and receive early bird discounts! Mark your calendar!  Its gonna be your lucky day!

Providing emotional support to our communities with the help of horses and therapy animals.

Equine assisted growth and learning. Maybe you’ve heard about it on the news, seen touching stories of how its saved veterans struggling with their traumas, or are just finding out about it here, now. Whatever got you to this page, thank goodness you are here!

HorseSpeak Center for Personal Development, Inc. is a non-profit, EAGALA certified equine assisted counseling and learning center. We are located at Cowgirl Up Ranch in Burson, California in the heart of the Sierra foothills gold country.

We provide counseling services to individuals, families, and children, in addition to workshops, retreats, and camps. Be sure to wander through all the pages to learn about our many wonderful services.

HorseSpeak is a true labor of love born of a passion to help people find themselves. Founder and Executive Director, Marybeth Wiefels, has spent a life time in service. Having experienced the trauma of crime both as a police officer and as a victim, she is acutely aware of the subtle and not-so-subtle side effects of having been victimized. She personally understands how life can throw some curve balls and you can find yourself in a situation where you have lost your sense of self. Horses and animals have been a lifelong source of strength for Marybeth and their healing nature has proven itself time and time again. People have been coming to Cowgirl Up Ranch for years enjoying the gentle healing spirits of our many animal mentors. Dr. Wendy Smith, psychologist and clinical director, has been practicing in Calaveras county for over 15 years. Her easygoing nature puts people at ease. A therapy session spent working with the horses is amazingly different from sitting in an office. The staff of HorseSpeak all share personally in the mission of helping people be the best they can be, embracing who they are. Each teacher here, whether two or four-legged, has a personal story that brings them here, sharing the journey towards hope and happiness.

Group Therapy Starting in March

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Check out how group therapy works.  An affordable and unique approach for teens and adults. Click HERE for more info.

A fun video of many of the ranch activities!